Dear Parent(s):

The Theatre Arts Program at Syosset High School has taken on a new direction and focus in the last few years due to the efforts and talents of some very dedicated student actors and stage hands. The students have asked for, and the program has tried to provide them, opportunities to perform more plays and showcases, direct and produce one-act plays, attend theatre workshops at other schools, and attend festivals and competitions at area schools and colleges. Our Theatre Arts sequence has been expanded in the curriculum and for the past three years students have been graduating with Theatre Arts honors. Last year’s musical was phenomenal and our Sixth Annual Bard-a-thon was a huge success!!! Finally, we held our fourth annual awards ceremony (this time a catered event which the students loved), a chance to honor our own, blow off steam, and celebrate a great year. None of this could have been accomplished without the extraordinary hard work of the parents of our booster club.

Now we come to the reason for this letter. We need YOUR support. Why you? Who better to be the active support group for these talented and giving students than their biggest fans? The impact on morale and production values our parent support group had added to our program has been immeasurable. No longer do the students feel they are doing this alone, we have been able to slowly build a family of theatre here in the High School. In the past these parent boosters have not met at a regular scheduled time, they only come together when contacted by the company advisor or the booster officers or when needed for specific jobs. But we couldn’t do it without them.

This group helps with publicity, occasionally picks up and delivers costumes and props, runs the bake sales for all the productions, provides nutritious rehearsal dinners during production weeks, and generally gives support to the company. They do not work backstage during shows, help with casting, attend auditions or company meetings. We would like to continue with this tradition and with this support for our students. There are many groups like this one within the other high school theatre companies on Long Island and we have seen how these boosters have made a significant difference in the success of those companies. Additionally, we need your help as vocal and active advocates for our program to the administration. It costs nothing to be a part but your time. Being a booster will not get your student a better part in the play, BUT it may give you some quality time working with your students and their friends. In addition, it will enable them to more easily do what they do with such passion ­ perform. It will also give you the opportunity to use those creative skills you have hidden inside and see up close why it takes so darn many hours to put together the kind of quality play our program is becoming known for.

Please consider this appeal and let me know by return mail, phone or internet if you are able to help as an ACT parent booster this year. Once I have the contact information of all interested parties, I will contact all of you to set up an initial meeting. Also, even if you have helped in the past, if you are interested, please return this form so we can update our database.

Thank you so much,
Gene Connor

PS. Please download the form for parent boosters. Click here to download.